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PPC Description
- Jan 19, 2017 -

PPC introduction series gas box pulse bag type dust collector in United States fule (Fuller) based on the company's technology, attracted Germany precipitator technical advantages, combined with China's actual conditions research and development of high efficiency bag filter with 80 level. This type of dust collector, collection points room anti-blow and spray blow pulse, all class dust collector of advantages, overcome has points room anti-blow Shi kinetic energy strength enough, and pulse spray blow filter and clear gray while for of shortcomings, due to used high-energy clear gray and fractional structure offline clear gray, has clear gray strength big, and speed fast, and cycle cycle short, features, thus makes the received dust device increased has using adaptability, improve has received dust efficiency, extended has filter bags of using life. It not only can processing General concentration of containing dust gas, as cement line Shang of broken machine, and drying machine, and coal mill, and raw mill, and grate type cooling machine, and cement mill, and packaging machine, and material conveying, and unloading material, of received dust equipment, also can processing high concentration (up to 1000g/m ³) of containing dust gas, directly became raw vertical mill (export concentration up 500g/Nm ³), and O-Sepa selected powder machine (export concentration up 1000g/ Nm ³) gas dust after dust, and gas dust concentration can fully meet the country's new environmental standards (emissions, thermal equipment <100mg/Nm ³, ventilation equipment <50mg/Nm ³) requirements.