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Precautions For The Maintenance And Maintenance Of Carbon Steel Reactor
- May 20, 2017 -

The reactor in the current society occupies an increasingly important position, because in many industries are the need for the existence of the reactor, and the reactor according to the different materials can be divided into stainless steel reactor, carbon steel reactor and boring glass reactor. The carbon steel reactor is taken of carbon steel material, and then according to the requirements of the process and parameters designed by the carbon steel reactor. Many of the oil processing plants now use carbon steel reactors because carbon steel reactors are suitable for non-corrosive liquids. So how should the carbon steel reactor be maintained and care?

Because the reaction kettle is different from other products, the reactor for regular testing maintenance and care is very important.  In this way, there are three main purposes: first, to ensure the safety of the reactor in operation; two, In order to improve the life of the reactor; Third, in order to improve the working efficiency of the reactor. Therefore, in the carbon steel reactor maintenance needs to pay attention to what issues?

First,need to pay attention to the reactor some of the instruments or components are damaged or not damaged, if there is damage, then the need for timely replacement;

Second, the need to pay attention to the sealing of the reactor, the need to ensure good sealing;

Third. In the reactor do not need to work, it is necessary to regularly clean the reactor, to ensure clean. When cleaning the reactor, it is necessary to use a specific detergent which can do better cleaning work.

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