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Purchase The Heat Exchanger Should Pay Attention To The Matter
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Purchase the Heat Exchanger should pay attention to the matter

Heat Exchanger purchase need to pay attention to a lot of details, see the material, certified brand, estimate the number, see the installation details, which require our attention.

One, look at the material

Remove the traditional cast iron Heat Exchanger, the current market sales of new Heat Exchangers are mainly three types: steel, aluminum and copper and aluminum alloy.

Second, look for well-known brands

Consumers to buy Heat Exchangers must look for brands, choose a regular brand of Heat Exchangers. Good and bad market directly caused by the industry and the market disorder: products, spare parts failed, the installation is not standardized, materials and systems are not matched and other issues continue to emerge, so the best consumers to the formal market selection of well-known brands of Heat Exchangers , In addition to quality assurance, there are perfect installation and after-sale security system.

Third, the number of estimates

There are a number of ways to calculate the number of Heat Exchangers. The more accurate way is to calculate the amount of Heat Exchangers by calculating the amount of heat sink. This process is more complex and difficult for many consumers to understand. Good home of the various sizes of housing, so that businesses help you calculate.

Fourth, the installation details

Now the new type of Heat Exchanger rich color, changing shape, for heating at home is also a distinctive feature of a decoration, so some people choose the location of the Heat Exchanger, become a misunderstanding. In fact, the choice of Heat Exchanger location from the energy point of view is a stress.

Heat Exchanger purchase notes

The fin Heat Exchanger is bent from a thin aluminum plate and looks like an accordion bellows. Each of the heat sink blades is tilted in one direction to help the air flow. The thermal performance of these two products is relatively strong. Aluminum extrusion profiles of the Heat Exchanger the lowest price, but the cooling effect is not good; gold, silver, copper Heat Exchanger heat dissipation effect is good, but the high cost, weight. The most cost-effective is the aluminum alloy Heat Exchanger. The Heat Exchanger is heat dissipated by convection, the larger the surface area, the better the heat dissipation effect. In the choice of Heat Exchanger, it should also be concerned about the heat dissipation area of the Heat Exchanger.