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Qianyiji A Carbon Emissions Trading Market Ready
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Head of the NDRC to climate Division recently revealed at the hearing of administrative license, national development and Reform Commission has been the drafting of a national carbon emissions trading Regulation (draft), and will soon be submitted to the State Council for consideration. Yesterday in the interview that, in 2016 will launch a national carbon emissions trading market in China, the first batch of pilot sectors will include six major industries such as petrochemical, iron and steel, power. This means our top design on carbon emissions trading is nearing completion, the market of carbon market ready to scale up to hundreds of billions of Yuan a year.

According to the Beijing environmental Exchange-related parties, in line with the climate emissions statement, China plans to peak around 2030 carbon dioxide emissions and non-fossil fuels by 2030, increasing its share of primary energy consumption to around 20%. Starting from 2011, China launched the 7 provinces and carbon emissions trading pilot, included in the 7 pilot carbon emissions trading platform enterprises and units over a total of more than 1900 (146 petrochemical enterprises), the total carbon emission quotas allocated amounting to approximately 1.2 billion tons. As of June 26, the pilot accumulated carbon market sold about 25.09 million tons of carbon dioxide, the total amount of about 830 million Yuan. Petrochemical industry and major petrochemical companies have been the focus of participation in carbon emissions trading, refining, coking, fluoride and chemical enterprises to act as a team.