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Reaction Kettle Is Commonly Used In Petrochemical
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Reaction Kettle is commonly used in petrochemical
High temperature Reaction Kettle in the chemical, chemical reaction needs to work under high temperature conditions, for different Reaction Kettle performance structure heating method also has water heating, hot steam heating, other media heating, electric heating and other options.
1, water heating: the temperature is not high when used, the heating system is divided into open and closed two. Open the most simple, it consists of circulating pump, sink, pipe and control valve regulator composed of high pressure water, the mechanical strength requirements of the device, Reaction Kettle surface welding of the snake, snake and kettle wall gap, resulting in Reaction Kettle increases the heat resistance and reduces the heat transfer effect.
2, hot steam heating: Reaction Kettle heating temperature below 100 ℃, the following can be used to heat a steam or less; 100 ~ 180 ℃ range with saturated steam; when Reaction Kettle higher temperature, you can use high pressure superheated steam.
3, Reaction Kettle heating with other media: If the process requires Reaction Kettle must be operated at high temperatures, or to avoid the use of high-pressure heating system, other media can be used instead of water and steam, such as mineral oil (275 ~ 300 ℃) (Boiling point: 258 ° C), molten salt (140 to 540 ° C), liquid lead (melting point 327 ° C), and the like.
4, the new Reaction Kettle electric heating: the resistance wire wrapped in the reaction Kettle cylinder insulation layer, or installed in the reaction Kettle distance from the ad hoc insulator, so the resistance wire and Reaction Kettle kettle body formed between the Large space gap. The use of the first three methods to obtain high temperature are required in the kettle body on the additional jacket, due to the magnitude of the temperature change, so that the kettle jacket and shell to withstand temperature changes in temperature and stress. The use of electric heating, equipment, light and easy, easy to adjust the temperature, while not pumps, stoves, chimneys and other facilities.
China's industrial industry to accelerate the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, to achieve a sustained, chaotic, rapid development, in the protection and promotion of people's health, response to natural catastrophe and public health events, promote economic and social development and so play an important role. In recent years, China's chemical industry has been expanding, product sales revenue, assets, enterprises and the number of practitioners increased significantly, the industry showed a rapid development of the overall situation.
Reaction Kettle is commonly used in petrochemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, pharmaceutical and other industries to complete the process of sulfonation, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and other organic dyes and intermediates in many other processes equipment. To produce automation and continuous replacement of the gap between the manual manipulation, such as the use of program control, can guarantee the production of chaos, improve product quality, increase revenue, reduce physical labor, but also to eliminate environmental pollution.
Reaction Kettle equipment is the chemical machinery and equipment industry in the process of development is very important part of the development of space is also very broad. It firmly grasp the favorable opportunity for development, entered a new stage of development.