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Talking About The Problems And Defects Of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Industry
- Aug 18, 2017 -

Talking about the Problems and Defects of Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Industry
Electric Heating Reaction Kettle is an indispensable important equipment in the production process of mechanical chemical industry. Its quality is directly related to the quality of chemical products. It is very suitable for petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine, food And other industries.
The current market demand for Electric Heating Reaction Kettles and daily surge, Electric Heating Reaction Kettle in the domestic market can also supply adequate, and even competition is fierce, but in the international market is the lack of competitiveness, on the one hand, China's reactor industry Lack of core technology, product quality is not high, on the other hand, the domestic market competition, business survival space affected, only by reducing product quality to obtain sufficient profits. The third aspect is the production scale is relatively small, the industry concentration is not high.
Enterprises in order to get more long-term development, we must continue to improve the core technology, supply products to meet market demand, to win market recognition.
At present, some stainless steel Electric Heating Reaction Kettle enterprises encountered bankruptcy, resulting in some of the major corporate insolvency factors:
1, fight each other price war, you die I die. Chinese companies like to play a price war, especially in the manufacturing sector, the price of some products would have been low, but the competitors will lower the price pressure. Because of the price war, vicious competition, many manufacturing enterprises profit margins, there is no ability to carry out technological innovation, the results can only keep the market share through price cuts, the formation of a vicious circle. In the context of large consumer upgrades and excess capacity, companies are still shoddy, through low-cost to seize the market, it can only be dead.
2, labor costs rise. In recent years, labor costs have risen rapidly, and many manufacturing companies are facing 15% of the annual wage pressure, and the price of the product has not been improved. The vast majority of manufacturing companies have reduced their employees, but still can not withstand the pressure of rising costs. And the prevalence of leading managers to lead the phenomenon of collective job-hopping, all of a sudden will let enterprises stop production. Moreover, Electric Heating Reaction Kettle China's current labor quality of workers has not improved, many "90" young people do not want to enter the factory, and even the line can see the white-haired old man. Domestic long-term do not attach importance to technical education, do not respect skilled workers, so that the labor force of explicit and stealth costs rise sharply.
3, random security was killed. China's manufacturing enterprises at the beginning of the establishment, many are a village or a town at the same time business, with each other inextricably linked. And in the process of business bigger, business owners between the human relations, and ultimately help each other, Electric Heating Reaction Kettle and this is a consequence of the emergence of mutual guarantee between each other. A glory, a loss of both loss, a bit like the Red Cliff war was linked together by the warships, a boat on fire, and we all can not run. In particular, when the four trillion fiscal stimulus plan is introduced, banks urge enterprises to borrow, encourage them to guarantee each other, and some local governments for local economic and employment considerations, will use a variety of means for some enterprises for those in trouble Of the enterprise guarantee, the results were pulled together. In the excess capacity of the environment, when the bank began to loan, as the warships, like, killed some of the already fairly healthy business.
4, the transition is not timely death. Stainless steel Electric Heating Reaction Kettle and other traditional manufacturing industry overcapacity problem is very serious, some companies if not in a timely transition, then it will be fierce in the Red Sea, can not afford to rise in costs and gradually depressed, and even eventually die. A rainy day is an entrepreneur of the most basic quality, in fact, the traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading of the space is very large. For example, some enterprises in the more sub-disciplines to develop more professional areas, and some companies will be low-margin products abandoned and focus on high-margin products, China's manufacturing industry is not the so-called "Internet +", but Through technological innovation to achieve import substitution. In this process, the transformation of manufacturing enterprises need to do a lot of work, if not timely and let the deterioration of the external environment, the results will be eliminated.