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The Daily Maintenance And Precautions Of The Condenser
- Jun 15, 2017 -

The daily maintenance and precautions of the Condenser

Most of the cooling water contains calcium, magnesium and acid carbonates. When the cooling water flows through the metal surface, there is the formation of carbonate. In addition, the dissolved oxygen in the cooling water will cause corrosion of metal, the formation of rust. Due to the generation of rust, heat transfer effect decreased. Serious when the shell had to spray cooling water, serious scaling will block the tube, so that the heat loss effect. The data show that scale deposits have a significant impact on heat loss, and as the sediment increases, energy costs increase, energy savings, extended equipment life, and savings in production time and costs.

For many years, traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical methods (high pressure water, chemical cleaning (pickling), etc.) have a lot of problems in cleaning the equipment: can not completely remove scale and other sediments, acid corrosion caused by the formation of equipment loopholes , The residual acid on the material secondary corrosion or scale corrosion, eventually leading to the replacement of equipment, in addition, cleaning waste water toxic, requires a lot of money for wastewater treatment.

Precautions when using the Condenser:

1, the Condenser should be used to open the cooling line vent valve exhaust, see the water after the closure, to prevent air resistance affect the cooling effect.

2, the Condenser out of line, stop cooling water, while opening the cooling water vent valve, to avoid pressure to damage the equipment.

3, adjust the cold temperature of the oil, you should first cooling the water outlet valve control. Because the use of inlet valve control of water, although you can save cold water, but will cause the Condenser short-circuit or flow rate slowed down, resulting in the heat under the cool, affecting the heat transfer effect. It should not use the entrance control.

The Condenser is composed of stamping irregular steel plate. The concave and convex lines between the two panels are formed in a 180 degree relative form, so that the concave and convex ridges between the two plates of the concentrator form a staggered contact point, and the contact points are joined by vacuum welding to form a poly The high-pressure interlocking flow structure of the optical device, these staggered flow structure makes the Condenser hot and cold fluid to produce a strong turbulence to achieve high heat transfer effect. The Condenser is composed of a set of corrugated metal plates with four corner holes for the two liquids for heat transfer. The metal plate is mounted on a frame with a fixed plate and a movable pressing plate and clamped with clamping bolts. The plate is provided with a gasket, the fluid passage is sealed, and the pilot fluid flows alternately into the respective flow path to form heat exchange. The flow, physical properties, pressure drop and temperature difference of the fluid determine the number and size of the plates. The corrugated plate not only increases the degree of turbulence, but also forms a number of support points sufficient to withstand the pressure difference between the media. The metal plate and the movable plate pressing plate are suspended from the upper guide rod and are positioned by the lower guide rod, and the rod end is fixed on the support column.