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The Method Of Maintenance And Fault Analysis Of Reaction Kettle Is Discussed
- Jul 18, 2017 -

The method of maintenance and fault analysis of Reaction Kettle is discussed

The reactor is a stainless steel container containing physical and chemical reactions, which is a functional device designed according to the relevant functions of the reaction conditions. It can achieve the process requirements of the heating, evaporation and cooling of low and high speed mixed functions, play an important role in a large number of chemical production, so the Reaction Kettle of daily maintenance and maintenance, the Reaction Kettle failure handling and maintenance should be attention. In the light of the working environment in the Reaction Kettle, process analysis, emphasis on the Reaction Kettle of routine maintenance and use of what are the daily breakdown in the Reaction Kettle homework, and introduce specific treatment method of failure.

I. routine maintenance and maintenance of Reaction Kettle

(1) application of Reaction Kettle

Reaction Kettle is an important equipment in industrial production, its material according to the slave mode of production, the production of different direction and different, generally have carbon manganese steel, stainless steel, zirconium alloy composite material, such as main material, mostly is given priority to with stainless steel material. The application of stainless steel Reaction Kettle is widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, medicine, food and other production processing projects. At the same time can also be applied to all kinds of scientific research, experiment research and development and operation of the project, used to complete the hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization and evaporation, distillation, storage, alkylation, hydrogenation, condensation and polymerization, heating mixed, a number of processes, such as constant temperature reaction is a can use products satisfy diversified production processing. The pressure of the Reaction Kettle in the reaction process restricts the basic structure of the reactor vessel, and the production process must be processed, tested and tested in strict accordance with the prescribed standards. According to the different production process, operating conditions, the requirement to the Reaction Kettle is different, the design of the Reaction Kettle structure and design parameters are different, the Reaction Kettle structure style is different, so the Reaction Kettle container equipment belong to the target. Reaction Kettle is an integrated reaction vessel, which operates on the function of reactor structure function according to the reaction conditions. Specifically, from the beginning of feeding, reaction to the final discharging, are able to form a high degree, automation of complete good preset reaction steps, and the related in the process of the reaction temperature, pressure and mechanical control (blast, mixing, etc.), including the concentration of the reactants and products, etc., all need important parameters according to the strict regulation.

(2) the Reaction Kettle the daily maintenance of all machines and equipment need to be scientific and reasonable maintenance and maintenance, to make it a better work, serving the production and life, as an important equipment in the chemical production Reaction Kettle is not exceptional also, also need effective maintenance measures, make its have excellent performance. We can be the combination of nondestructive testing methods for maintenance, nondestructive testing is essential to industry, industry development and effective detection methods, one of the nondestructive testing refers to the damage or not does not affect the functional performance of the detected object, check the use of performance of test object a method of testing in a certain extent reflects a country or an enterprise level of industrial development, it has been the importance of social recognition. In all kinds of industrial, industrial production, the Reaction Kettle temperature, pressure, and the reasonable control of mixing plant is crucial, because only a machine has a good performance to make Reaction Kettle operation run better. At the same time, the daily maintenance and maintenance of Reaction Kettle can be strengthened, and the failure rate of Reaction Kettle can be reduced, avoiding unnecessary accidents