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The Opportunities And Challenges Facing The Domestic Drying Equipment
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Development of domestic drying equipment industry challenges and opportunities. On domestic market,, due to China dry equipment industry has began into more mature of development stage, has can compared good to meet all field user of actual need, and in price Shang only abroad same products of 1/3, this makes China dry equipment in market competition in the than imports equipment has obviously of price advantage; on the, due to dry equipment volume larger, most also involved site installation, and debugging and after-sales service, work, so on domestic user,, selection domestic equipment more selection imports equipment more convenient.

Drying equipment widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and forestry specialties, food, light industry and other fields, a large amount of common mechanical products. Drying equipment industry in our country from the formation, development and maturing has gone through more than 20 years of history. Current need for conventional drying equipment in the domestic market, as well as the needs of the international market mainly drying equipment, basic can be made in China. This suggests that drying equipment mainly for import in our country's history has ended.

In dry equipment type Shang, will to hot air heating atmospheric dry equipment, and vacuum dry equipment mainly, other such as far infrared dry equipment, and microwave dry equipment, special field of user also will gradually expanded application number; in food, and drug dry aspects, on vacuum frozen dry equipment in the of larger specifications equipment demand will will increased; has function combination (as business grain dry, and dry filter) of equipment demand also will increased; high automation dry equipment in some application field will by welcomes.