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The Structure Of The Scraped Film Evaporator
- Nov 15, 2017 -

The scraped film evaporator is a kin of thin-film evaporator, which is forced into film by scraping plate, and can do the falling film evaporation under vacuum conditions. It inherits the advantages of the thin-film evaporator, including high heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation intensity, short overcurrent time, large operational flexibility, and so on. So the evaporation, concentration, deaeration, desolution, distilling and purification of some heat-sensitive materials, high viscosity materials and easy crystallization of granular materials will use the scraped film evaporator.

Analyzing from the structural perspective, the whole scraped film evaporator includes motor reducer, separating bowl, distributing device, gas-liquid separator, evaporating barrel body, rotor, scraper and bottom head. The motor reducer, as the driving device of the rotor, is one of the important parts to ensure the stable, reliable operation and the satisfactory evaporation effect of the evaporator.

The rotor in the scraper film evaporator is driven by motor and reducer, and it drives the scraper to do the circular motion. Its rotating stand is made of stainless steel precision casting, so its strength, geometric size and stability are effectively guaranteed.

Generally, the material is cut into the scrape film evaporator through the inlet of the lower end of the barrel body, and evenly distributed in the inner wall of the evaporating tube body through the cloth, the secondary evaporation from the evaporation tube body to the separation cylinder. After the installed gas-liquid separator , the secondary steam may be separated from the liquid drop or foam, and the secondary evaporation from the outlet of the upper outlet leads out of the evaporator.

In the operation process of the scraper film evaporator, due to the movement of the scraper, the material is continuously scraped into thin film on the evaporation surface to achieve the effect of the film evaporation. The bottom head design of the equipment is also very unique. It adopts the special arrangement of the high temperature bearing system. The overall structure is reasonable and convenient for the bottom maintenance.