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The Working Principle Of The Reaction Kettle
- Jul 31, 2017 -

The working principle of the Reaction Kettle
How much water is used in the Reaction Kettle to see how much material in the Reaction Kettle, how much energy these materials need to rise to 80 degrees, easy to control the temperature of electric heating, but if the balance is established, the water heat transfer temperature is more chaotic. The Reaction Kettle must follow the following requirements must follow the process of manipulation of the feed process, start stirring operation; Reaction Kettle in the operation must implement the process of manipulation, not over-temperature, overpressure, overload operation; Over-temperature, overpressure, overload and other abnormal circumstances, should be immediately designated by the process to take appropriate measures. The same time as

The Reaction Kettle is a new type of product developed on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. It is widely used in medicine, building materials, chemical industry, pigment, resin and food industry. It has the advantages of rapid heating, high temperature resistance, erosion resistance and no Environmental pollution, without boiler automatic heating, easy to use and so on. When the heating is heated, the water vapor generated by the uneven water becomes zero and produces a sound. The same time as

At this stage, the temperature will reach 800 ~ 900C, in order to avoid the oxidation of activated carbon, generally in a vacuum or inert atmosphere. The next stage of activation, into the Reaction Kettle into the CO2, CO, H2 or water vapor and other gases to clean the activated carbon microporous, to restore the adsorption function, the activation phase is the hub of the entire regeneration process. Other applications also have. Is to make its organic matter into water, carbon dioxide process. Reaction Kettle Heater rods are used to heat the inside of the jacket, so that the temperature of the heat transfer oil rises to the desired temperature, and then the temperature control device controls the electric heating to help the power to cool. The same time as

The use of high-temperature carbonization of the Reaction Kettle, which is to remove the organic matter on the activated carbon scientific method, under normal circumstances high-temperature carbonization stage is the adsorption of activated carbon on a part of organic matter boiling, vaporization desorption, a part of the organic matter will decompose reaction, Desorption, the residual components remain in the activated carbon pores become fixed carbon.
The Reaction Kettle is an indispensable important equipment in the field of chemical chemical industry. Its quality is directly related to the quality of chemical products. It is very suitable for petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine and food industry. The
The current market demand for the Reaction Kettle and the surge in the Reaction Kettle in the domestic market can also supply adequate, and even very competitive, but in the international market is the lack of competitiveness, on the one hand, China's Reaction Kettle industry core technology to grasp the lack of , Product quality is not high, on the other hand, the domestic market competition, business survival space affected, only by reducing the quality of products to get enough profits. The third aspect is the production scale is relatively small, the industry concentration is not high.
Enterprises in order to get more long-term development, we must continue to improve the core technology, supply products to meet market demand, to win market recognition.