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This Affects Reaction Kettle Own Life
- Oct 20, 2017 -

This affects Reaction Kettle's own life
Reaction Kettle is an indispensable important equipment in the production process of mechanical chemical industry. Its quality is directly related to the quality of chemical products. It is very suitable for petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine and food industry. The
At present, the market demand for Reaction Kettle increases day by day, Reaction Kettle in the domestic market can also supply adequate, and even competition is very intense, but in the international market is the lack of competitiveness, on the one hand, China's reactor industry core technology lack , Product quality is not high, on the other hand, the domestic market competition, business survival space affected, only by reducing product quality to get enough profits. The third aspect is the production scale is relatively small, the industry concentration is not high.
Laboratory Reaction Kettle in the chemical industry is a relatively large number of chemical equipment used. In the laboratory Reaction Kettle use process, for the Reaction Kettle to have a good protective effect, and yixi8e precautions.
Laboratory Reaction Kettle In the course of use, due to the corrosiveness of the media, the Reaction Kettle reaction conditions of the laboratory are hot and cold, transport, use, man-made, etc., there will always be such a laboratory Reaction Kettle damage, resulting in unnecessary Production stops, such as large area off, it is recommended to return to the factory only to restore the laboratory Reaction Kettle. Laboratory Reaction Kettle price is high, small damage is not necessary to update the entire equipment, which requires the use of appropriate repair method, with (Jin Su Cheng) JS916 immediately repair, otherwise, it will Reaction Kettle by the kettle solvent corrosion , The damage to the enamel surface will rapidly expand, and thus cause downtime, safety accidents and environmental pollution and other unpredictable losses.
Laboratory Reaction Kettle production requires a continuous process, we recommend PLC 2000C series of continuous powder liquid dispersion liquid laboratory Reaction Kettle mixer can meet the requirements. In a dust-free environment, the solid powder and liquid are mixed and dispersed instantaneously, and the PLC mixer is a good mix of this, disperse and then form a homogenized final product. The mixed substances are pre-mixed according to a certain ratio, and then dispersed, so that the finished product is obtained directly. Can save the tank and some other auxiliary equipment, thus saving the cost and operating costs.
We have developed the PLD2000 series of intermittent powder liquid liquid laboratory Reaction Kettle mixer products and PLC200 series of continuous solid-liquid powder mixer products for the problem, which is specially designed to solve the problem of mixed dispersion of the Reaction Kettle. The powder mixer is specially designed to solve the problem of mixed dispersion of powder liquid.
Reaction Kettle will accumulate a lot of dirt during long-term use, which will affect the normal work of Reaction Kettle, increase energy consumption and reduce product quality. The long-term use of Reaction Kettle is easy to remain in the reaction, gradually in the Reaction Kettle deposition, not only affect the reaction capacity, the residue of the ingredients may have an impact on the reaction, may have adverse effects on product quality, serious or even cause Overburden reaction, endanger personnel and equipment safety.
This affects Reaction Kettle's own life. The "corrosion" referred to herein refers to the formation of a local battery effect due to the concentration of the liquid in the gap between the dirt and the inner surface of the kettle. As a result, pitting corrosion, stress corrosion and the like are formed on the dirt adhering surface, thereby reducing the Reaction Kettle's years of durability.