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Use The Slicing Machine To Introduce The Points
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Use the Slicing Machine to introduce the points
What is the Slicing Machine, I believe that many people are not very understanding, Jane is actually a kind of equipment used for material processing, because the invention and use of this device can not only improve the efficiency of slices, it It is also possible to increase the uniformity of the slices. Therefore, in the modern society, the use range of the slicer is also expanding.With the increasing penetration of the slicer, how to use the slices correctly The thickness of the sheet is mainly determined by the intermittent spacing between the blade and the scale plate, so if the worker needs to adjust the thickness of the slice during the use of the slicer, , Then they need to first adjust the thickness of the blade to a large, and then reduce the thickness required to thin, the main purpose of doing so is to eliminate the transmission gap. Slicer manufacturer's staff said that if the meat When the slices are sliced, it is found that the meat is so hard that it is so hard that the chips are greatly improved, so that the staff For frozen meat thawing.
Automatic slicer is a new type of slicing device, because this device uses automatic control system instead of manpower to control, so compared to the slicing device, this automatic Slicing Machine efficiency and slice accuracy have been great Because the cutting machine is mainly used to cut the blade, so in order to ensure the speed of cutting is not affected, for the relevant personnel, do a good job of slicing machine blade maintenance work is very necessary.With the use of Time to extend the original sharp round blade edge will gradually become blunt, then the staff will need to work in time for sharpening.In order to ensure the effect of sharpening, before the sharpening, the relevant personnel first need for stains on the blade And then re-grinding with the distribution of the knife.When the blade grinding, the staff need to carry the wheel to the appropriate height, and then for the rotation of 180 degrees, and then lock the knob Before starting the sharpener, the worker needs to make sure that the end face of the grinding wheel and the blade edge are in a parallel state. If not, the worker can Grinding the upper limit of the knife to adjust.
The automatic slicer is actually an upgraded version of the slicer because the slicer is equipped with an automatic control system, so the slice efficiency and slice safety of the slicer are very large compared to conventional slicers However, if you want to ensure better use of the effect, then the use of automatic slicing machine slices in the process of the operator need to pay attention to some problems in the machine access to the power system before the staff need for the equipment line Integrity, and grounding conditions, and can be used without any problems. After starting the machine, the worker needs to observe the presence or absence of the device before and after the feed. If this is the case , Then they need to shut down the machine in a timely manner and do a good job analysis and troubleshooting work is the use of automatic slicing machine for the process of material slicing, the staff should do a good job in time cutter, carrying meat and other parts of the inspection Work, if the parts are found to fall off or wear serious, etc., then they To be timely tightened or replaced.
What is the Slicing Machine, I believe there are a lot of people and not very understanding, which is actually a kind of equipment used for material slicing, because this device has the advantages of easy to use, high security and low operational difficulty, etc. In the modern industry and in the lives of people, the range of applications is very wide, Slicing Machine but if the business or businessmen want to maximize the advantages of this slicer, then they are necessary The first step in the installation of the machine is to find the right place, and in order to facilitate the installation operation, the relevant personnel should choose a solid flat table as a work plane in the installation, the staff first You need to check the performance and quantity of the parts and components of the equipment. If the parts are lost and so on, then the relevant personnel will need to contact the manufacturer in time to request the equipment replacement. If the slicer is a one-way power supply, then the staff Also need to use one-way plug, in order to ensure safety, the staff must pay attention to do a good job To work.