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What Is The Operating Procedure For Stainless Steel Reactors?
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Stainless steel reactor before driving

1. Check the reaction kettle, stirrer, rotating parts, ancillary equipment, indicating instruments, safety valves, piping and valves are in compliance with safety requirements. In ensuring compliance with the conditions of the material, before feeding.

2. Check whether the water, electricity and gas meet the safety requirements. Check the mixing motor, reducer, machine seal, etc. are normal, reducer oil level is appropriate, machine cooling water supply is normal.

Stainless steel reactor in driving

1. Before adding the reactor should first open the reactor stirrer, no noise and normal, the material will be added to the reactor, according to the provisions of the amount of material into the material should not exceed the requirements of the process.

2. Before opening the steam valve, first open the return valve, after the inlet valve. Open the steam valve should be slow, so that the jacket preheating, step by step, the pressure inside the jacket are not allowed to exceed the specified value.

3. Steam valve and cooling valve can not start at the same time, the steam pipe is not allowed to hammer and collision.

4. When you open the cooling water valve, first open the return valve, after the open water valve. The cooling water pressure must not be less than 0.1 MPa, nor above 0.2 MPa.

5. Water ring vacuum pump, the first pump to the water supply, stop the pump, the first stop the pump after the water, and should be excluded from the pump water.

6. Strict implementation of the operating procedures, pay close attention to the temperature and pressure inside the reactor and the reactor jacket pressure, is strictly prohibited over-temperature and overpressure.

7. Check the operation of the reactor at any time, found abnormal parking should be overhaul.

8. If over-temperature occurs, immediately use water to cool down. The temperature after cooling should meet the technical requirements.

9. If an overpressure occurs, open the vent valve immediately. Emergency pressure relief.

10. Parking If the power outage caused by parking, should stop feeding; feeding power failure, should stop feeding, open the vent valve, water cooling. Long-term parking should be the kettle residue clean, close the end of the valve, feed valve, into the valve, discharge valve and so on.

Stainless steel reactor after driving

1. Stop mixing, turn off the power, turn off the various valves.

2. shovel pot must be cut off the mixer power supply, hanging warning signs, and set up monitoring.

3. Stainless steel reaction kettle must be required by the pressure vessel to carry out regular technical inspection, inspection failed, not driving.

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