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What Is The Working Principle Of The Relay In The Slicing Machine?
- Sep 11, 2017 -

What is the working principle of the relay in the Slicing Machine?
When the coil in the Slicing Machine is switched on, the core is magnetized, resulting in a sufficiently large electromagnetic force that sucks the armature of the Slicing Machine to drive the reed movement, the movable joint and the static connector There will be a closed action or separation of the action; when the chip in the chip off the power supply, the coil of electromagnetic force will disappear, the Slicing Machine's armature will return to the original starting position, Slicing Machine in the dynamic contact And static contact, will once again reach the original closed state or separation state. When using a new type of relay in a Slicing Machine, only the control is required, the circuit is connected to the relay's contact, that is, the switch, and the relay in the Slicing Machine can be used to control the entire circuit.
The main parameters of the microprocessors of the Slicing Machine are as follows: the rated operating voltage of the microtome of the Slicing Machine or the rated operating current of the microprocessors of the Slicing Machine, which is the voltage and current required for the relay circuit of the Slicing Machine when the work of the tipper relay. The same function of the Slicing Machine relay structure is roughly the same. In order to adapt to the requirements of different voltage and circuit applications, a microprocessor-based relays, usually with a variety of rated operating voltage or a wide range of rated current, we usually in the Slicing Machine in the relay specifications, Model for Slicing Machine electromagnetic relay distinction, this distinction is very important and very useful.
The coil of the tungsten machine relay is represented by a rectangular frame in the circuit. If the relay in the Slicing Machine has two coils, the two rectangular frames are placed side by side. At the same time, in the rectangular box inside or rectangular box next to the mark, the machine's relay symbol "J" ", usually, in the Slicing Machine, there are two kinds of relay labeling method: 1. Is directly on behalf of The side of the rectangular box of the relay is drawn, and this method is more intuitive, 2. It is based on the needs of the Slicing Machine circuit, the control of the various contacts, the circuit in the Slicing Machine to its contact, usually inside the same relay coil Label, and the label has the same symbol, and the internal contact group number to show, to show the difference.
Note: Do not apply voltage to the running coil and reset coil of the relay in the set unit. Otherwise, it will cause the abnormal heat of the relay coil in the Slicing Machine and the abnormality of the relay coil. Movement, it will lead to the work of the relay in the machine is abnormal, resulting in unnecessary loss of Slicing Machine. When the circuit in the Slicing Machine needs to connect any action coil and reset coil on the other side, the polarity of the other side of the chip or the polarity of the Slicing Machine should be the same. Do not connect the two Slicing Machines or terminals directly Connection, which is likely to cause a short circuit in the chip in the machine, and then connected to the power supply to keep the relay in the chip between the two coils have a good insulation performance.
Be sure to avoid the use of relays in slices that contain the following gases. In this case, the plastic-sealed relays in the Slicing Machine do not prevent the effects of these gases on the contacts. In the Slicing Machine, a sealed relay is used. When a series of silicon-silicon materials (such as silicone rubber material, silica filler, silicone oil material, silicone coating agent, etc.) exist around the relay in the microtome, Of the volatile gases that may cause corrosion of the relay contacts in the Slicing Machine, resulting in poor contact of the contacts. So, when using the Slicing Machine, be sure to confirm the actual work, the use of the micro-machine to the machine, because the relay in the Slicing Machine is really important, not sloppy.
Magnetic circuit in the microcomputer single circuit drive circuit: for the Slicing Machine magnetic latch single loop, but also the chip drive circuit. When the components in the circuit in the chip machine input signal, the current will flow to the capacitor C, this time on the charge operation, the charge current to the chip in the machine when the coil, when the Slicing Machine in the relay , The storage capacitor C, and the coil of the power supply Tr in the circuit in the Slicing Machine are discharged, the coils of the relays in the Slicing Machine are discharged through the transistors, and the relays in the Slicing Machine are also reset Transistor.